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Yaroslavl Ivanovo Kostroma cycling cyclists bicycling road bicycle racing cycle bike roadster wheeling

The aim of this page is searching (and, help God in that, finding!) any one similar to me in the outside (except Russia) world. Mainly, in two respects:


believe it or not, these two are tied, intertwined, and  flow one from another! Cycling for me is  almost what religious rituals for a religions person! (Hadji for a Muslim, for instance, or  Mass for Catholics, Liturgy temple service for an Orthodox Christian) If some one is interested, be a "talker" to me to help me convey it in English, as for the time being it is mainly expressed in Russian only (it needs  sort of poetic finding of SPECIAL FORDS, for which one has to be a  NATIVE CARRIER OF THE LANGUAGE, so to say, as I don't know and don't feel many "side-meanings" of English words, as I do in Russian: so, HELP ME!; get into contact with me by addresses and phones below!). And:


As for the cycling in its "pure" form ("not loaded with mystic religious content"), usually known as "SPORT", the list of my cycling records (summer and winter!; including up to 400 km a day in summer and minus 20 in winter in summer clothing!) and other bicycle notes are here:

As you see in Russian, and if you want to see that translated also get into contact with me. For, at all:

I hope, this page will help to find not only those who similar to me in spiritual sense, but also who, maybe, are gathering to cross the locality where I live (300+ kilometers around Kostroma, Russia, including Moscow), so, maybe, we can even meet!
Here is for the net searchers a list of the cities I can reach from Kostroma on bike in one-day ride (and  saying "300+ kilometers" I mean such a distance I can cover in one-day ride, as i DON'T USE ANY OTHER TRANSPORT for years since fall of the Soviet Union!):

Kostroma Yaroslavl Ivanovo Moscow Rybinsk Vladimir Vologda Kovrov Kineshma Suzdal Nizhniy Novgorod

to name the big ones (also it is known as so-called Golden Ring of Russia); and here are some tinier:

Buy Nerehta (Nerekhta) Galich Volgorechensk Sudislavl Soligalich Manturovo Neya Sharia (Sharya) Makariev (Makaryev)
in Kostroma region (Kostromskaya oblast);

Rybinsk Rostov Tutaev Nekrasovskoe (Nekrasovskoye) Danilov Prechistoe (Prechistoye) Pereslavl Uglich Myshkin
in Yaroslavl region (Yaroslavskaya oblast);

Privolzhsk Furmanov Plios (Plyos, Pljos) Shuya (Shuia) Kineshma Vichuga Rodniki
in Ivanovo region (Ivanovskaya oblast)

Suzdal Kovrov Yurevets Lakinsk Petushki Alexandrov (Aleksandrov) Kirzhach
in Vladimir region (Vladimirskaya oblast);

Sergiev Posad Noginsk Bogorodsk Balashikha Mytishi Podolsk Electrostal Orekhovo-Zuevo in Moscow region (Moskovskaya oblast)

at all, find this page by these words:
Yaroslavl Ivanovo Kostroma cycling cyclists bicycling road bicycle racing cycle bike roadster wheeling

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