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Paradoxically, (see the new name of my site: ParaDox OrthoDox!)
I find …
Seekers do not simply find the existence the Eastern-type Christianity (also known as «Russian Orthodoxy», although I don't like those words; – see of that further…), and so – turn their search to Eastern (Oriental) Religions in completely non-Christian sense! (Buddhism, Hinduism, etc…) «Why?!», do I ask, and the answer is simple: they (those religions) have UNTRANSLATABLE TERMS!  — «Karma», «Sansara», «Nirvana»… – who doesn't know those terms from the Oriental religions, while … just try them to translate and always use then in "westernised form" (…be it even with Latin or Greek root), they will instantly lose all attractiveness!
Salinger's death and the fact that I learned of him trying different religions in the spiritual search… – took me to rethinking my "ancient" idea (still when I deemed myself for a … «Preacher of true Christianity»!) of getting familiar Western World with the Eastern-type Christianity, also known as … «Russian Orthodox Christianity» (or, «Orthodoxy»), although I don't like those words, for they sound as … DEAD in Latin-based English (no matter what you do with them!), contrary to the original words in the Bible «…for the very Life came», and so – replacing the very key words by those developed from Russian without translation, filling them with the sense which I feel in my Russian theology… Or … (in … literally, other words:)

  • Bogoslovie, as I will now say instead of «Theology»,
  • Pravoslavie, as I will now say instead of «Orthodoxy»,
  • etc…
But … I need helpers in that!
The language is language only when it is spoken!
(Can't … "invent a dead language"!)

… more to the theme «Who am i»:
INDEPENDENT OBSERVER, in a sense that …
All scientists, philosophers, theologians, etc… – are, as a rule, graduates of certain universities, institutions, and so – represent their school, with "composition of mind" (so to say) which they there got as "implant"…But … who will reflect them (philosophically), as well as at all THEIR SYSTEM?! Someone "selftaught" nowadays is but rarity! Although … in my case, neither «Teaching» (whatsoever!), nor even «Faith» mean much! For … it's a sort of mysticism where … all such things (be that even «Teaching» or «Faith»!) can be idols! While … it's afraid of idols most of all, preferring to them … complete even absense of… «Teaching» or «Faith», even rising up to a Parasox where … under certain conditions, «Faithlessness is an exploit of Faith!».
Given its language mostly unintelligible for contemporary world, Pravoslavie is a … sort of music, interpreted … Just interpreted! For … even music to … (what is known as) PLAY (simply "play"), you have to be an interpreter! (…Differently from … what is known as «playback» in music playing devices…)
English updates till 11 january 2009:
English updates till 11 january 2009: >> Overall updates history (both English & Russian)…


The aim of this page is searching (and, help God in that, finding!) any one similar to me in the outside (except Russia) world. Mainly, in two respects:
  • Extreme cycling (bicycling):
    300+ km a day, and down to minus 20 in winter in summer clothing!
  • Extreme expression of Christianity
    (or, how I prefer to say, «What was sown by Christ»):
believe it or not, these two are tied, intertwined, and … flow one from another! Cycling for me is … almost what religious rituals for a religions person! (Hadji for a Muslim, for instance, or … Mass for Catholics, Liturgy temple service for an Orthodox Christian…) If some one is interested, be a "talker" to me to help me convey it in English, as for the time being it is mainly expressed in Russian only (it needs … sort of poetic finding of SPECIAL FORDS, for which one has to be a … «NATIVE CARRIER OF THE LANGUAGE», so to say, as I don't know and don't feel many "side-meanings" of English words, as I do in Russian: so, HELP ME!; get into contact with me by addresses and phones below!)

I'm Alexandr Golenkov, Kostroma, Russia; write to me now, for:Initially, it was a site with my writings; now it turned into a more direct cry (outcry) for changing the evil society which ruins me and the world, and Salvation in any respect of this word: both personal and for the world, representing thus such a Christian alternative formulate by Christ and Apostle as … «…We shall not all die, but transfigure (transform)»; «…Truly I say to you, there are some … who shall not taste death until they see the kingdom of God after it has come with power»; «I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in Me shall live even if he dies, and everyone who lives and believes in Me shall never die. Do you believe this?»
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Lovesick at confines of Philosophy, Theology, Christianity, ontologic discoveries…
Alternative Theology, Philosophy, Russian Orthodox Christianity, new world outlook systems …
Other names of this site
Please, support this site — Such are my most basic systems; all other my writings are in one way or another their concrete applications; there are many of them; see their long list at this Index's Old Version; as well as "Index' history" (which is also history of this site); while here are given only last updates, as for the Russian version (that is, life of this site), while here I tried to collect all of my writings which one way or another exist in English form: Me (Author)
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summer 2005: 4 times = 4 days passing rout Kostroma - Moscow, that is almost 400 km a day:
Names of this site:

Below are numerous names of this site; it has something of enumerating God's names in theology; the site is really theologic:

Christian Philosophy;
Theology of Russian History

— Maybe its oldest name. History is here regarded indeed as theology's SUBJECT: like, for example, in the Eastern (Orthodox) Christianity it's common thing to hear as term "Theology of Icon", and, moreover, one of the Bible in the (Western) Protestantism… But the History is much more than "just Book" or "just Painting", for, according to Christian Gospel, is a medium of God's taking Flesh: first, in Jesus Christ as a Person, and then – in the Church as the Body of Christ. In the Gospel it's also said of a Seed … … … //
continued here; while here is the next of its names, concerning the Seed:

Save the Seed of Christianity
which gave sprouts
amidst cold winter
in … HyperBorea, "The_Cold_Land"
(literally – "beyond North"…)

It has to be clarified in regard of two things, one of which is rather in touch with mythology while the other with true Christianity:
  • 1. About the Seed: That is from words of Paul the Apostle «…You fool! That which you sow does not come to life unless it dies…»; so: the Seed came to life BEFORE proper dying! (saying this I mean the practice of Orthodox Saints…); and, what's more, – in HyperBorea, "The Cold Land", which is, moreover:
  • 2. "Semi-mythological" (something like "northern Atlantis") situated in ises, although very close to something like "geysers", and so – even in "polar night" the temperature there is far above zero (one can even … bath under open sky…). This is very close to my feelings of Christian life at all which I discovered in the contemporary world, and Russia – in particular, both in physical sense and in spiritual…
Then (the other name, about "The Source of its Warmth"):

HyperBorea and «The Fiery»

"The Fiery" – is one of directions, "realms", and I would say even … DOMAINS of this site, and even its DOMAIN NAME ( ) means namely in Russian «The Fiery»! Although, rather useless for different kind of search engines, it is very expressive, I think, in human tongue! While … to make also search engines "love" it, here is in large letters:

Alternative Theology, Philosophy,
Russian Orthodox Christianity,
new world outlook systems…

— So, what do I mean saying "Alternative"?!
— First of all, thanks God,

not protestantism, not any schism, not heresy,

but simply different way of re-thinking THE SAME: like, for example, the New Testament, the Christian understanding of which is very far from something "in place of the Old", but its very special re-thinking (in one of the meanings Greek word for "repentance", meta-noua, means "changing of mind") and even RESPONSE to it! The question is – should any thing in New Testament be like it itself (the New Testament), or … only accepting of Christ at the background of Old Testament medium looked like "Revolution"; while … to "keep" such faith one needs something completely opposite to any sort of "revolution": for example, such thing as "passiveness and inertness" of that same old Old Testament medium?! – this is already the question of theological system named here as «The Fiery».
>> For:

If nothing will change ("alternate"), what will be in result is well-known: The world confined just within of its own (i.e., having no way out to the Creator) quite naturally separates within of itself to "warring fractions" and other formations of same warring kind (see that in «Philosophy of Form»), and if Christianity is "just another" in the row of such "forms" (to "fit general form of this world"…), there is NO HOPE for ANY ALTERNATIVE, and to such self-confined world is most naturally fixed CLOSE END. But … we know that the Book describing such End as … «the things which must shortly take place» (Apocalypse 1:1) was written quite long time ago, although Christians still have no doubt in Truthfulness of this Book… So: how to join the Christian faith and facts of history; the VERY HISTORY as such fact? // continued here; while here are some other names of this site:


— The name resulting directly from what I've just said; in general scope of my theology it comes to two things:
  • 1. Overturn between two types of faith in their relation between the Creator and the creation: the Old Testament type as "Something to lean on" (in the creation), and the New Testament type as already "What to be based on" (in the creation) (when things to "lean on" – are already ALL OTHER things in creation, not the Creator!) (as it was in Old Testament type, when Creator was, to the person believing in Him, such a … "prop", or "support" to all other things…). Although, both "Prop" and "Support" — together with mentioned "Something to lean on" and "What to be based on" — are the ways to translate the Old Testament Hebrew word for Faith "AMuNa", from the same root of which ("AMN", meaning "Firm", "Reliable", "Steadfast", able to serve as "Mainstay" and "Support"…) the word "AMeN" is now retained in almost all of contemporary languages…
  • 2. As for my theory of Christian State, saying "Christian Revolution" I mean such overturn in human conscience, when, for example, as for a convinced monarchist "Sacred Monarchy", will be ANY state structure and order – as such a "Sacred Background" for what I call as "sym-phonic co-operation" in search of true and real Theocracy…
See other names at this site's Russian version (some of them can't be translated at all…).

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