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I can not see how now in Russia it's turned out of Truth of Christ (see previous item) – into antichrist's lie, greatest heresy of all, known as «Orthodox Fascism», a form of fascism going to exceed and surpass any known before (including German nazism and Russian bolshevism taken together!), for it uses some elements of the true faith in God making them serve evil purpose of … covering up all the evil around by driving it only in every individual person detached from society, so that … evil society is "always in everything right", while any individual person is "always in everything guilty", even … GUILTY TO DEATH, and so … can be tortured, persecuted even executed without any concrete evidence of one's guilt (or, "without court any trial", as they here say): "what for" do you need any "concrete evidence", when … «Everybody has sinned and deprived the God's glory», as is written in the Bible, so … EVERYONE IS GUILTY OF DEATH! (This is only a tiny example how they use elements of true faith in God in their fascist ends!)
      This is not any "fantasy", they already now preach and fight for such system without fear, and PRACTICE IT in personal relationship (to the measure of power they already have over someone else, striving for MORE POWER!). Do you know, for example, Zhanna Bichevskaya an ardent preacher of Orthodox Fascism, a former singer of folk songs, now "switched over" to composing songs of Orthodox Fascism content; here are words of one of such songs:
  • «There'll be no more prisons or labor camps; all enemies of Russia will be executed!»;
  • «Russia will return all lost lands of former Soviet Union, and add to them Constantinople, now Istanbul, and the shrine of the world Jerusalem!»;
  • etc…
Then follow calls for nuclear war («…Nuclear weapon is no more than a miserable bugaboo, for those fearful and weak in spirit!») and … «To look forward with prayer to God for the times when enemies of Christ will become killed right in the streets by choppers and frying pans»! (This last quotation is directly from Bichevskaya's sermons which were even broadcasted by «Voice of Russia» not so long ago!)

— How's to manage not to get mad of all that?! – For me, it's impossible! Is it possible to confess same sort of faith, or to name one's own faith as "Orthodox Christianity"?! – For me, it's impossible too! There is a need of distinction between Christ's and antichrist's Christianity (although they both claim to be "Christianity"!); so, you may call it however you like:

  • «Alternative Christianity» (for … "MAIN", "mainstream" Christianity is that fascist one!) ("Surprised"?!; but … wasn't it said by Christ to the overwhelming majority of religious people of that time: «Your father is devil»?!);
  • «My Christianity» or «Golenkov's Christianity» (sometimes teachings are called by the name of a person who found them, preached or discovered…);
  • even as «New Religion» at all (true Orthodox Christianity really is in a way "New Religion" to the outside world, «Unknown Christianity», although Christianity never was "just a religion", and any attempt to "reduce it" to it always was detrimental, leading to same form of pharisaicalness, from which «Orthodox Fascism» then grows!).
— Regard me as "prophet of a New Religion" if it is easier so for you (although "prophet" is outdated old notion……)
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