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What do I mean saying "esoteric" and "mystic" in regard of the Orthodox Christianity:

Saying "esoteric" I mean that it is largely not known to the Catholic-Protestant West:


and so "esoteric" for it. On the contrary to that, for instance, In Russia it's largely NOT "esoteric", as it is "mass religion" (and in former Russia even "state ideology"!), even filled ("diluted") with many pagan superstitions, and so NOT MYSTIC EITHER, in true Christian sense of this word! Then:

Saying "mystic" I mean, first of all, that it is LESS RATIONALIZED form of Christianity than its Protestant either Catholic form.

Rationalization (from the other hand) is trying to understand by mind ("ratio" "mind") things which are NOT for "mind only", moreover not of this world at all, ultramundane, supernatural, etc "Cut by mind" their ultramundane supernatural MYSTERY, namely from where the word "MYSTIC" is, implying NOT DOING THIS, leaving mystery AS IT IS, letting it  "BREATH" (so to say), and so BREATH BY IT (breath by it SPIRITUALLY).

It's strange, but such "cutting" ("truncating") of Mystery (and so God in it!) is even regarded as "something good" ("positive"; from where another word is: "Positivism", to match "Rationalism"!), without even a thought that it is  THE CREATING OF IDOL, self-same "GOLDEN CALF", as it was once in the Old Testament(,,); as it ALWAYS is, for the godless nature of human always tries to "replace God" by something "clearly visible and understood"; by at all SOMETHING, "some thing" (Creator by some piece in creation)!

In this case, this "something" is "for the mind"; does it change a lot?! Contemporary people need different idols than the ancient ones: those for mind, "intellectual", and not "just for physical worship"!

So, for dispelling the idols of mind, here is, first of all, a little piece of my dictionary:

Mystic, Esoteric
vs Occult:
Christian verge

Esoteric Christianity,
Mystic Christianity;
Orthodox Christianity
as truly Mystic and Esoteric
(not "occult"!)

My dictionary of words:So  we need other word to reflect the vividness of God-Son and the vitality of God-Spirit coming from UNREALIZABLE MYSTERY of God-Father!

Ortho-Doxia, that is: Correctness, Rightness is only but one side. Something may be right, but dead! While we are talking o LIFE. Can life at all be "correct only"?! Life doesn't fully repeat anything of what was before. Life always changes, it flows, deviates: even if from some high idea(l). Life always is "incorrect", in a sense

My proposal is to use Russian word "Pravoslavie" (read: "pravoslA:vee-ye") which combines both. (For simplicity of English pronunciation it may be reduced to "Pravoslavy")

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